About the Uruk Project

The Uruk project is a highly motivated community of people sharing a strong interest in free culture and free society. We all help each other and share the common purpose of supporting and building free projects. The Uruk project provides a list of goals our members follow in order to promote and strengthen free (as in freedom!) software and culture.
The Uruk name was chosen in honor of Uruk (Warka) city in Iraq (Read More)
To indicate how the word "uruk" should be pronounced, we included an audio file:

The logo symbolizes the outline of the ziggurat of Anu in the city of Uruk combined with brackets to express the origin and objectives of the project.

Our Project Goal is to:


The following list contains the sub-projects of our team.

Uruk GNU/Linux Uruk GNU/Linux is a fully free operating system for home users, small enterprises and educational centers based on PureOS.
Uruk Cleaner Uruk Cleaner is a program that you can use to clean your system from cache files and logs.
UPMS UPMS(Uruk Package Managers Simulator). This program can simulate several common package managers commands, which means you can install, uninstall, update and remove the packages using any package manager you prefer to get the work done with.
Uruk Ocr Server A Simple, small, powerful OCR web server used to convert images to text.
Irc log recorder The Irc log recorder is an irc bot that logs the entire communication of an irc channel. It is equipped with a web server to enable users to access the logs from a web browser and/or telnet .
Masalla Icon Theme Icon theme for *NIX OS inspired by the modern flat design trend. .
Uruk Project website The source code for the Uruk project and the Uruk GNU/Linux website, based on the Peers website source code
Rose Crypt Promote and facilitate encryption and decryption of files using AES
Tabannusi Tabannusi is a continuous build system, it watches for the git repository so if you make any new commit to it, the application will build such repository code and send you the build log in your email
quickpass quickpass is a command-line password manager and random password generator using just the commonly available Unix utilities.
Clara Server Backup and Notifications bot
Delta File Sharing system via network.
Uruk Update Manager System update manager for Uruk GNU/Linux 'or any Debian based system'


You can reach us via one of the following methods: